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Cotrali - Control Verificación clasificación y ubicación de la mercancía


Properly and professionally stored, protected and managed goods.

We offer space solutions for decongesting your company’s raw materials or finished products. Depending on the type of goods, they can be stored in compact blocks on racks and shelves or using a different modality, but always in the most suitable location.

One of the warehousing options in demand by our customers is micro-warehousing. Storage space can be dynamically increased or reduced when needed, without obligation. A fast, flexible and profitable solution.

What warehousing services does your company require?

Spare parts
Online retail
Dangerous goods
Reverse logistics

From when the goods arrive at Cotrali to when they leave, we provide all kinds of services:

  • Goods receiving
  • Goods control, inspection, classification and placement
  • Management of goods received for stock control
  • Percentage checks of goods, palletisation, shrink wrapping and labelling
  • Order processing and consolidation for dispatch
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Preparation of dispatch documents
  • Management of exit of goods for stock control
  • Cross-docking
  • Loading
  • Stock-taking


Cotrali offers FTL and groupage services for shipments within Spain and internationally.

Full truckload (FTL): Service directed at manufacturers, distributors, agencies, freight forwarders and traders. Just-in-time services, urgent orders, vans, rigid HGVs and trailers.

Groupage: For less-than-truckload (LTL) volumes, this service that does not involve breaking down the load is more economical and offers the same standard of quality as FTL because there is no intermediate handling of goods.

Local distribution: Local distribution of parcels and pallets in the provinces of Zaragoza, Huesca, Teruel, Navarre, Logroño and Soria. Daily service using rigid HGVs equipped with tail lifts.

Cotrali Transporte
Cotrali Distribución


Cotrali offers extensive coverage within Spain and abroad using its own resources and those of a large network of collaborating companies.

We are strategically located within the Pla-Za logistics park in Zaragoza, one of the largest in Europe and and exceptionally positioned in Spain and Europe.

Specialists in distribution for large-scale retailers: Cotrali has been providing integrated logistics services for the large-scale retail and distribution sector for over 20 years: management of dedicated warehouses, stock, reverse logistics, distribution and transport in both tense flow and time window modes.

Air and sea freight

Cotrali also offers you the possibility of air and sea freight, depending on delivery requirements, with either option having its advantages and drawbacks.

Sea freight

This type of transport has numerous benefits: it allows many different types of cargo, parcels and containers to be shipped without volume or weight restrictions. Moreover, you can ship all categories of products, whether solid, liquid, gas or bulk.

Unlike air freight, it offers the possibility of shipping dangerous materials, although delivery of the goods takes longer. However, maritime transport tends to produce more pollution and you are likely to need a second form of transport to complete the shipment.

Air freight

This form of shipping is very versatile, because aircraft are adapted to different types of goods. One of the main advantages is time and speed of delivery, which enables all available markets to be served. It is also a very safe means of transport in terms of accidents.

However, it is the most expensive method per kilogram of freight, which can affect cost ratios and profitability. Another unfavourable aspect is payload capacity, which is not only more limited, but means shipping 10 cubic metres is the same as shipping one tonne.

Cotrali Transporte Aéreo y Transporte Marítimo

Dangerous goods transport

How can you ensure the proper transport of these products?

Cotrali also provides transport for dangerous goods, commonly referred to by the initials ADR (Agreement on Dangerous Goods by Road).

It is of the utmost importance for us to guarantee that all the deliveries we make are correctly managed and comply with the laws in force. We have a team of specialists for this purpose, and we use the services of a safety advisor.

We offer the most effective management of your dangerous goods, taking into account the following factors:

  • The dangerous product that needs to be shipped
  • UN number
  • Type of container and packaging
  • The shipper and recipient of the goods and unloading conditions
  • Necessary documentation and labelling
  • Restrictions for dangerous goods transport

Transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste

Vehicles equipped with every safety measure

We deal with these types of waste owing to our licensing by the government of the Autonomous Community of Aragon, authorisation number AR/TRP-24/2003. Our personnel is trained as required, with additional internal training provided in order to provide a fully satisfactory service.

The transport of non-hazardous waste by road continues to be habitual. It can only be provided by specialist companies, not only because it involves not only transporting the waste from one place to another, but also doing this in a professional manner to prevent health and safety incidents while complying with the applicable laws and fostering circularity.

Cotrali vehicles are equipped with the necessary safety measures for the transport of every type of waste.

Cotrali - Transporte de residuos peligrosos y no peligrosos
Cotrali Transporte de Mercancías Perecederas

Perishable goods transport

The importance of safeguarding the properties of every product.

Perishable foodstuffs require storage and transport at suitable temperatures, an integrated service that maintains the cold chain intact at a steady temperature during loading, shipment and unloading.

Cotrali has the vehicles suited to this purpose, both for full truckloads and regional distribution, trailers, rigid HGVs, vans, etc.

Refrigerated transport

The importance of industrial refrigeration.

Many industrial products require refrigerated transport that should not be provided using vehicles meant for transporting foodstuffs. We provide the logistics services and vehicles exclusively dedicated to this type of transport.

Car-boot delivery

A custom solution.

  • Delivery of material, part or spare to a service vehicle before 7am.
  • We locate the vehicle by GPS.
  • Cotrali keeps a copy of the keys.
  • Also available as reverse logistics
  • Tracking of a delivery using the vehicle’s barcode

Service available in Aragon, Catalonia, Madrid region, province of Toledo and Valencia region, among others.



  • The importance of industrial refrigeration.
  • Efficient logistics for critical machine parts.
  • Ideal solution for deliveries in complex environments (hospitals, nursing homes)
  • Better control of mobile service fleets
  • Time-saving solution doing away with the need for the service technician to collect the part and waiting times for locating the part at the site where a repair is taking place
  • Saving time and mileage
  • Increased productivity of service technician team
  • Faster response time

Cotrali Asesoría Logística

Logistics consulting

We study customers’ requirements in order to optimise the current logistics arrangements and draw up an integrated project.

We perform a complete analysis of each logistics operation and assess its viability before considering what the results should be and cost reductions that should be reached. From then on, we create an action plan for how to implement the project and achieve targets in the shortest possible time.