What is Cotrali been doing to improve and contribute to greater sustainability?

  • Most of the energy consumed at our installations is renewable
  • Renewal of the fleet to comply with EURO 6 emission standards
  • Route optimisation
  • Continuous training for drivers in fuel-efficient driving techniques
  • Implementation of Euro Modular System combinations for HGVs
  • Recycling and recovery of all the waste produced by the company

What is more, our investment in IT systems for fleet management and remote diagnostics also allows us to be more environmentally friendly (fuel-efficient driving), more precise with our deliveries (vehicles always serviced and roadworthy, predictive maintenance, diagnostics for vehicles en route, total control from a mobile phone or computer) and to take greater care of the goods we transport (cold chain monitoring for refrigerated loads).

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We have installed state-of-the art IT systems to make supply chain information available in real time from anywhere and to facilitate communication with customers.

The connectivity of all these elements have allowed processes to be streamlined, providing greater speed, efficiency and transparency. The result is more accurate decision-making, value-added service and a more sustainable way of working.


RFID technology provides full control of goods at reception, preparation and dispatch, and allows them to be tracked.


The warehouse management system (WMS) mainly covers: File exchange (EDI, TXT, Excel), goods receiving, stock management, order preparation and dispatch control. And it creates controls for different parameters: expiry dates, FIFO/FEFO, batch control and pallet numbering, and weights and volumes.


Traceability has become a pillar of the logistics industry because it helps to optimise the performance and productivity of companies and makes an important contribution to growth and customer satisfaction.

Moreover, it is important for us that each part of the process should be environmentally friendly.

The use of software tools has become essential to control the process from start to finish. From the arrival of goods until their exit, our advanced warehouse management system (WMS) allows control over all movements, monitors the tasks of each operative, manages times for each task, optimises routes, stock checking, placement, etc.

Identification and monitoring take place throughout the supply chain using EAN standards and EDI communication.

Good traceability allows:


  • Improved internal control of goods.
  • Automated data entry process for goods.
  • Improved information availability.
  • Optimisation of data transmission speeds.
  • Greater control over shipment dispatches, improving stock management and providing better service.
  • Increasing reliability of order preparation process.
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