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Integrated Logistics Solutions

Cotrali is a company offering integrated logistics solutions: warehousing, transport and handling services. We have broad experience in the sector, which allows us to offer a rapid response while maintaining a high level of quality.

We have always put our faith in customised logistics services tailored to the needs of each customer. Cotrali’s activity is characterised by the continuous adaptation of services to customer requirements, for total satisfaction.

Cotrali employs highly qualified staff, and has a fleet of over 150 vehicles and 20,000m2 of warehousing facilities located in the Pla-Za logistics park in Zaragoza, Spain. We offer you quality service for urgent deliveries and with full guarantees for professionalism, experience, price, etc.

What we do

Kilometres of experience.

Cotrali offers logistics services within Spain and abroad, with a wide range of possibilities: full truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping, parcel delivery, palletised freight distribution, urgent delivery/courier service, ADR (dangerous goods), air and sea freight forwarding, door-to-door delivery, etc.

We also offer warehousing services and solutions to free up your company from having to store raw materials and finished goods, either block stacking or rack and shelf storage depending on the goods to be professionally stored, protected and managed.

In figures

Everything adds up at Cotrali.

The Cotrali brand was founded in 2000, and in these 20 years our figures in terms of employees, commercial vehicles, customers and freight deliveries have grown continuously. As has our desire to continue to offer the best integrated logistics solutions every day to the companies who have placed their trust in us.

+ 100


+ 150


+ 1.200


+ 15.000


Our fleet

Vehicles fitted with the most advanced technology.

In order to increase efficiency and to provide even better service to our customers, we rely on the latest technology for our vehicles.

All Cotrali commercial vehicles have been fitted with fleet management devices, which allow us to track the location of goods in real time with a simple click. In addition, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) allow the safety of drivers to be improved and prevent accidents.

All our vehicles are fitted with a remote diagnostics system that allows us to visualise any breakdowns in real time, minimising any stoppages for this reason.

Cotrali - Mega Tráiler
Mega Traileres
Cotrali - Tráiler
Cotrali - Camión 3 ejes
3-axle rigid heavy goods vehicles
Cotrali - Camión 2 ejes
2-axle rigid heavy goods vehicles
Cotrali - Furgoneta
Cotrali - Grúa
Recovery vehicles
Cotrali - Portacontenedores
Container transport vehicles

Cotrali also has its own vehicle repair and maintenance facility and a mobile repair service.

Our facilities

Warehouse with the most advanced technology.

Cotrali uses the most recent IT systems on the market for supply chain management and online customer communications.

RFID technology provides full control of goods at reception, preparation and dispatch, and allows them to be tracked.

Satisfacción del cliente Cotrali

Our customers

We offer companies the highest standard of service.

How are we able to guarantee this?

Through our awareness that customers and their needs are what drives Cotrali.

Our customers include local, domestic and international companies ranging from large supermarket chains, such as Mercadona; retailers, such as Decathlon; and marketplace platforms, such as Amazon.

Cotrali offers customers the flexibility of a small firm with the capability and resources provided by large facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Cotrali - Almacén Carretilla

A solution for each need

Integrated logistics for greater efficiency.

Greater international competition and the globalised economy mean that it has become crucial for large companies to implement integrated logistics in order to increase efficiency. You could do no better than allow us to help you achieve this.

For small and medium companies with no or limited warehousing capacity, we offer you the possibility to outsource your storage, allowing you to increase your volume of business without incurring fixed costs.

Our corporate social responsibility

Cotrali is committed to social responsibility.

Our aims include responsible management of human resources, socially responsible investing, better relations between companies and suppliers, caring for the environment, cooperating in the development of every sector, and promoting actions for coordination and participation in the local area.